Here's one of the Easy Guitar Songs for your Christmas this Year!

One of the nice things about Christmas time is all the easy guitar songs that are so familiar and comforting to people. Ok sometimes you can be ready for the funny farm after the 14 "bizzillionth" department store muzac play of jingle bells! … but, done carefully on the guitar the gentle arrangements of some of the less abused tunes, or the unique and personalised arrangements of any Yuletide melody can be the source of one of those occasional and precious magic moments with family and/or friends. Have a go at this little arrangement tabbed and scored for free download

First Noel easy guitar songs Tab


If you are a Guitar pro 6 user download version One here  and version Two here

(Please check your default downloads location after clicking on the links)

You can also have a listen to the MIDI audio of the scored arrangement below

Done carefully...

That's all there is to it... done with care even the simplest easy guitar songs, in fact sometimes the simpler the better are the best to convey the emotion groove or feeling from a piece of music that can otherwise be lost in complexity or in the attempt at techniques that are “above the players station”. It's always important to keep in perspective the really important elements of musicianship like dynamics, phrasing and articulation, meter and rhythm, expression, groove and intonation, ...we could keep going even further. Many of these terms may be foreign to many of you. If they are you will soon realise how important they become especially for the music that may be considered the easy guitar songs! ...And you just have to remember as you return and explore this site as it grows,

if you can:

Ø Count to twelve and say the alphabet from A to G

Ø Hold a pencil between the tip of your thumb and your index finger with either hand

Ø Recognise a simple tune like Happy Birthday or Jingle Bells and Clap the rhythm to it

I CAN teach you How to play Guitar...

Just remember to keep checking in for more and more resources and lessons as the site begins to grow.

A Word on Performance of the Easy Guitar Songs

All though this is considered as one of those easy ones, if you are an absolute beginner this arrangement is not for you. There will be others/more coming your way soon enough. However, if you are familiar with and able to comfortably play and make use of the open position Major Chords on the guitar you will be able to make a good job of this arrangement. Some shapes will be less familiar and are not strictly speaking exactly the same shapes as the common open position patterns. There is only one hand stretch that is a four fret distance for the fretting hand (whether you play righty or lefty) and the picking side hand can be quite sloppy and get good results as long as you create a good feel and vibe by making use of some the tools mentioned in the above paragraph. More specifically just try to think logically about what fingerings to use and when. For example Bar 1:  finger two in fret two finger three in fret three. Bar 2: finger one in one, finger two in two but finger four in the third fret on the B string. Then Bar 3: finger two in two and from low to high finger two and the third fret A string, finger three on the third fret B string and finger four on the third fret E string. That's enough to set you up to work out the rest as it repeats with a little variation after that eight bars.  

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