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*UPDATE 2020 !  Vimeo has reached capacity at 60 videos 

Youtube will continue building into the future...

Which Channel?

If you choose Vimeo you can sort in a variety of ways.

By Alphabetical Order- you can browse and return in an efficient way to anything you may decide that you like.

By Duration- You can go for bite size snippets of subjects that may be more suited for the pace of your schedule.

By Plays- You can see what other people like (remember that older videos may have accumulated higher counts but aren’t necessarily the most popular)

By Date Added- You will see the evolution of this small catalogue and a semblance of logical progression in the order.

On YouTube you can sort by:

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What is There So Far

There is at last count sixty videos posted for this site. The videos vary in content and approach. There are live presentations as well as info graphic ones. Some videos are practical and specific guitar lessons, others focus on music theory. There are also excerpts of workshops or classroom settings. Some are merely guitar demos of types of cheap “playable” guitars right up to higher end guitars that I have used to explain the types of guitar available or to give stylistic examples of guitar music. There is also a small amount of Left Hand material as well some Ukulele stuff. 

Finding Guitar Lesson Videos

Although this site is meant to be progressive in its nature there are several ways to use this site depending on your situation and needs. I'm hoping this page will help in the practical navigation of the videos for now.

By having some sort of index for now even if just through the proprietary video host platforms, I’m hoping that exam students can find specific guitar lesson videos and that the teachers that are using PG material can have a convenient way to return to any video resource they may find useful.

You can also find updates and unpublished pilot drafts when you visit on Facebook

Much of's material is created by request or as and when the need arises for students, fellow teachers and institutions within the sphere of my working life.

If you have any request or can suggest a need for a particular type of material relating to music education please do contact me. Time permitting I will do my best to answer the call for it. I thank you for your support of this website and wish everybody kind regards Happy Playing!

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If you are local to the United Kingdom West Midlands Coventry Kenilworth Leamington Warwick Rugby Stoneleigh  CV8 Post Code area and are interested in tuition feel free to arrange a “First session Free” Guitar or Theory Lesson. Perhaps you just want to *chat over a cuppa about the options for your children’s music education.

*N.B. Until further notice all interaction will be virtual or in full observation of distancing practices.

Playable Guitar 

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Stonleigh Park CV8 2LG   +44 2476 998 500

International? Please contact me about Skype lessons. Se habla español – pues bueno un pocito! 

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