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You can learn how to play guitar at any age. Anyone can do it. I know this to be true. I know that I can prove it to you. I know that all you have to do is give "it" and me a chance to do that. If you are brand new to this crazy idea of wanting to learn music just don’t panic! All you have to do is start. Just relax and give it a try. Keep at it for awhile. The longer you keep at it the easier it gets. The easier it gets the funner it gets. The more fun it gets the more you want to keep at it. Go for it! What's the worst that could happen? I know I can help you. The real bottom line is even if you've never picked up a guitar  

 all you need to remember is that...

If you can:

  • Count to twelve and say the alphabet from A to G

(You can understand and use music theory)

  • Hold a pencil between the tips of your thumb and your index finger with either hand

(You can build your playing technique)

  • Recognise a simple tune like Happy Birthday or Jingle Bells and Clap the rhythm to it

(You can learn how to train and develop your ear)

Learn how to play guitar with"playable"guitar lessons in a style you love

"So what's your favourite style of guitar music to play?"

That's a question I’ve had a lot from music students learning how to play guitar as well as colleagues over the years.  We can all dabble in many styles. These will include some styles that we may feel quite confident in right up to some stressful moments in performance of genres and styles that we might barely get away with. I know what it feels like at both ends of the spectrum!

“My favourite style of guitar music to play?”

There are various types of guitar including Semi Acoustic (electric semi hollow body guitar), Steel String Acoustic, Resonator Guitar, and Spanish Classical Guitar (nylon string guitar) and many more

I guess my answer is: anything that I find “playable” ! Playable means low stress. Playable means fun! So to add to that I would say to anyone interested in learning how to play the guitar:

 -just keep it simple and make it “playable”.

Just add a little patience, persistence and determination and hey presto! Let the fun begin :-)

So What About You?

If not by just some chance coincidence you have arrived at this website for a reason. Have you reached a point of frustration with all the                   UN-playable guitar lessons out there on the internet for us mortals? 

Can you count to twelve ?

Can you say the alphabet from A to G ?

Can you recognise and clap the rhythm to a simple tune like Happy Birthday ?

Can you hold a pencil between your thumb and the tips of your fingers ?

...then you can learn how to play guitar. Even if you can't do all these things I still know I can help you.  

So what are you waiting for??

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 I Know That I Can Help You

So What Would You Like to Do?

Are you trying to decide what size and kind  of guitar to buy? Maybe you just want some clear advice on how to tune your new guitar. Perhaps you just want to try something new and explore the idea of how to play guitar in general. You could be a parent looking for ways to encourage your child’s development through music. You might be doing your Board level Exam Grades or National Diploma (European visitors). Maybe you’re doing a music or general teaching degree or you want to learn and master how to play guitar as a serious hobby or even as a professional performance endeavour. It could be you are just plain curious or you’re looking for a source of motivation, self-confidence or a satisfying creative outlet. Possibly you are just searching for ear-training techniques or new playing material or more in depth music theory studies. Who ever you are and whatever your reason to explore this site, no matter where you have already reached on your musical development journey, I believe there will be something here of value to you or anyone learning how to play guitar. Especially as this site grows from these humble beginnings. If you're not sure where to start just work your way down the buttons from the top on the left hand side of this page. Or just click on any link that interests you.  

Here is where you will find an ever increasing catalogue of guitar video lessons, guitar TAB, sheet music, free exercises and music related information to suit your needs, as well as a growing resource of musical guidance and the community spirit of like minded friendly musicians to interact with from all over the world and best of all it is absolutely free! Subscribe to my RSS feed and/or newsletter to keep updated on the site’s growth and progress.

If you're chomping at the bit and want a quick start or quick view of the developing stages of this site, then you should have a look at the list of the many various short videos covering aspects of:

Music Theory, Guitar Fretboard Theory, Guitar Types and Demos, Genre Examples, Simple Guitar Arrangement

To see the complete video list on YouTube click here

 (N.B.The Advanced Lesson from Silvery Records/RNA Artist Paul Whitehead is available only on this site)

 You CAN learn how to play guitar. 

You can learn how to play a guitar well enough to play what is “playable” for you. Playable well enough for you to enjoy and share with your friends and family as well as your church or community or just for your own satisfaction to retreat into a world of peace and harmony in an otherwise hectic and at times unforgiving world.

Even if you can’t do all the things on my little list that doesn’t really matter, we can still work together and get satisfying results for you (which by the way is great results for me!).

Here is one of my favourite short cuts ! Two minutes to Key Signature!

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Another cool short cut! Three minutes to Rhythmic Notation!

Party Trick! A kinda cool technique! 

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Happy playing!

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