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This is a beautiful arrangement of an original standard tuning piece called PeaceLoveUnity written specifically for steel string acoustic guitar by the talented world-class guitarist and composer Paul Whitehead.

Keep your eye on this site for all the upcoming comprehensive and detailed video lessons for this piece on the way soon. The first video lesson instalment of bars 1-8 can be found below.

In the mean time Paul Whitehead’s album Inversions is available on Paul is also a featured artist with his awesome grooving track Yadman  on the massive international compilation album featuring some of the best recording acoustic guitar players today. Check out The Best of Reviews New Age: The Guitar  at

The hope is that as this site grows there will be many advanced lessons provided free of charge for many differing styles and tastes. Keep checking back over time if "playable" advanced lessons is what you are looking for. 

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Here is a video lesson of the First Eight Bars of

PeaceLoveUnity Advanced Guitar Lesson 

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Some Performance notes 

Until we get all the advanced guitar lessons videos sorted here are the performance notes Paul himself provided with his album Inversions from Silvery Records.

Many thanks to Paul Whitehead and Happy Playing! from

 Read the tablature first, it contains all of the fret positions. As you can see it's all played quite high up the neck and rarely goes beneath fret 5.

Notes in brackets are harmonics.

The bends and slides are indicated by ties in the score.

Bar 40: Use right hand to hammer-on the high notes using 3rd, 2nd and 1st fingers in succession, then pull-off all 3 fingers at once to sound the (left hand fingered) Amin9 chord.

Bar 42: Similar to bar 40 but played one fret lower, then pull-off to Emin9.

Bars 61 and 62: barre the first three strings at fret 9 then hammer-on to the D chord at frets 10 and 11.

The coda at bar 96 is random improvisation around E7 resolving to Amaj9 at the end of bar 100.

It's a happy little tune, play it however you like and have fun with it!

A Little More Information

If you do head over to iTunes, Amazon or Silvery Records to pick up a copy of Inversions by Paul Whitehead, when you have a listen to PeaceLoveUnity on the mastered recording you will find slight differences between the lesson version and the album mastered one.  All the forthcoming video lessons will follow the exact performance captured on the Full Length Lesson Performance Version Video found at the top of this page. There is a fully tabbed and notated hard copy version of PeaceLoveUnity in booklet form in the liner notes when you buy a physical Compact Disc copy of Paul's album. This "generally follows" the albums mastered recording version, nice touch Paul! 

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