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Music Theory Rules of Behaviour of Interval Qualities

The terms major,minor,diminished and augmented come up a lot in music theory.They can be confusing to newcomer musicians.There are simple ways to keep their meanings straight. Here’s how

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ABRSM for Guitarists

The exam board jungle can be scary. If you’re planning an exam with the Associated Boards, ABRSM for guitarists can offer some helpful advice and guidance

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Music Grades Untangled and Explained

Music Grades can be confusing. For guitar exams this is especially true. Find out what you really need to know all in one place here at

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Guitar Lesson Videos

All the guitar lesson videos as well as other supporting videos for the Playable Guitar website can be found and revisited easily by following advice here

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Playable Guitar Strikes a Chord in Warwickshire

Playable Guitar takes the fear and confusion out of learning music theory. Using Mnemonic “Blueprints” we demystify the often over complicated task

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How to choose a guitar for the First Time

How to choose a guitar for the first time can be confusing. Keep it simple and practical and with a little legwork and homework you can make the right choice

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Small Hands and Playable Guitars

Small hands Are Not an Obstacle to Guitar Playing. The choices are almost limitless when it comes to instruments.

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Right and Left Handed Guitar What is the Real Difference?

Regarding a right vs. left handed guitar what truly is the difference between them other than the strings? Find out here!

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Santa Claus is Coming to Town

Santa Claus is Coming to Town! a simple “playable” intermediate guitar arrangement presented with a free PDF and GuitrPro6 download to play on the big day for this year or next!

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Flat Key Signature Page Two

Quickly and easily memorize the order and content of the flats in the musical flat key signatures with clear-cut mnemonics and logical thought patterns

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