Left Handed Guitar Videos

This page is players who are looking for left handed guitar video lessons shot with a lefty perspective.

My research tells me that many of you left handed players prefer the right hand visuals whilst quite a few would still like to see things from the same perspective as your own playing posture. 

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Over the Rainbow       Scale Diagrams      E Blues Pentatonic  Lefty Ukulele Blues

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Over the Rainbow PDF  

Over the Rainbow Guitar Pro File

G Major Scale PDF         

G Major Scale Guitar Pro File

G Major Scale NotationVideo

The Mirror Effect 

There is a lot to be said for the mirror effect. When two opposing handed (one left handed and one right) players face each other the effect is that of a person looking at themselves in a mirror. For some folks this can be a useful and more understandable way of looking at things such as in left handed guitar videos. For others it can be disconcerting and distracting. Then there are some people who it does not seem to affect at all either way.  However we approach it this is another case of the “no right or wrong” situation. I personally feel that if I were a left handed player I would probably want to get used to the exposure to the right-handed majority for resources. It seems there would be no escaping it anyway. Remember depending on if you are a man or a woman, roughly only 10 -12% of the world has a dominance in the left hand.

Left Handed Guitar: Common Ground

Tablature and musical notation are the same for both handed players. So really there are only three main differences created when imparting knowledge through lessons or musical performances through written graphic representations. Boil it down and you can clearly see these are the left handed stringing of the instrument, the left handed holding posture of the instrument and the chord or scale diagrams that match that stringing/posture configuration. 

Theoretically we could create resources for each of the four possible combinations of stringing and playing postures. This is pretty much where I personally would draw the line. If you have a unique approach well, that is really great. However saying that you may want to find a quick way of converting or translating majority resource material rather than search out the fractional percentile level that may exist for your particular stringing method and posture!   

For you guys that want to see it this way I have “flipped” a few videos to the left handed guitar video perspective and will continue to do so as and when I get the time to. 

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Over the Rainbow Left Hand Version

Left Handed Scale Diagrams

E Pentatonic Easy Blues Lefty Example

Left Handed Simple Ukulele Blues Riff

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