Somewhere Over the Rainbow

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"Over the Rainbow" is one of the most memorable of themes from a groundbreaking film and recording artist, written by Harold Arlen (music) and E Y Harburg (lyrics) it is a great song to have in your repertoire. This is a very "playable" arrangement suitable for beginning players. If you have a grasp of basic open position chords and you are willing to have a go at some basic finger style techniques and approaches you should with a little effort and care get a nice feel for this solo arrangement. N.B. if you would like more solo arrangements like this please help to support this site. It doesn't have to cost any money or time. Many thanks.

Somewhere Over the Rainbow Scrolling Score Video 

Have a look at this MIDI driven example of this arrangement below. If you are a Guitar Pro 6 user click here for the GP6 File . Remember to check your downloads location folder after clicking. The Tab is available on PDF here.

A Word on Technique

If you are able to play a few, and I mean even if it is only a few, basic "open" position chord shapes, then you should be able to cope with this arrangement. The worst case scenario would be that you need some time to build up to it with a little practice. In any case as always nothing is etched in stone. You may decide, perhaps by way of a "mistake" that you discover your own twists or mutations to this little arrangement that you like the sound of. Great!!

Make Use of the Fingerings

It is likely at this stage (if you are considering yourself a beginner) that standard notation is not familiar to you. You can however use the fretting hand fingering annotations to help you even if you are using the Tablature to work out the arrangement. Have a look at this screen shot below of the very first two bars of Somewhere Over the Rainbow.

Look closely here at the first event. You have a G major chord. It is represented in tablature form by the numbers 3,2,0,0 that are stacked on top of each other. Above this you see the standard notational stave representation. This has note "heads" stacked on top of each other in a corresponding way. 

Can you see the little 1 and 2 just above the little dynamic marking mf  ?

These are fretting hand fingerings. These are your left hand fingers if you are a right hand player. If in doubt check out the Fretboard Orientation video here.

Just to the left and slightly below each corresponding note head to the tab below is a fingering number. They will come and go as an aid to help guide you along. Try to keep an open mind and get used to trying to consider your own possibilities for both fretting and picking hand fingerings.  

Final Thoughts

Remember if you can count to 12, hold a pencil with your thumb and finger tips, say the alphabet from A through to G then .... You can learn to play guitar!

Keep your eye on this new site and there will be video demonstrations of many of the tunes and songs that are already here and on the way.  Subscribe to the news letter or RSS feed and you can get occasional updates on the new material and lessons as they get added. Happy Playing!

N.B. if you would like more solo arrangements like Somewhere Over the Rainbow see other ways to support us. Remember It does not have to cost any money or time. Many thanks. please help to support this site.

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