Moon River Guitar Tab

For the most part this is a very playable intermediate version of a Moon River guitar tab arrangement based on the theme of the old classic Moon River by Henry Mancini and Johnny Mercer. However saying that there are one or two sections that require a bit of stretching but without too much stressing. 

There are always ways around this kind of difficulty until you reach the point where what was once a mountain to climb becomes just a molehill and a comfort zone. So, don't judge too soon about this one.

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It is also good to remember that nothing is etched in stone here. This was just a little arrangement that started out as an exercise for a student. It then evolved a bit and went on to be used at gigs like weddings and open mic acoustic nights as well as putting little ones to sleep. That’s kind of why it’s missing the little bridge cadence phrase and I say it’s based on the tune. It seems that after being played then requested, played, requested, played … no one seems to mind or notice! I plan to add an arrangement of the missing phrase at some point. Perhaps you could add one?!  Perhaps you could take the whole idea and rework it to make it more “playable”! That would be a great thing to have a whole community of guitar players mutating a Moon River guitar Tab arrangement into a spectrum of cool versions. N.B. If you would like more arrangements like this please click here to see how you can help to support this site. It doesn't have to cost you any money. Many thanks. 

Speaking of cool, check out the world class player Tommy Emmanuel doing a version of Moon River here

A Word or Two on Technique  

If you follow the Tab and standard notation (even if you don’t read musical notation there are fingering symbols) where necessary and available you can follow the left and right hand fingerings that are suggested. They are suggested to make the piece more “playable”. The main thing here is the use of sometimes hidden or disguised finger shapes that are really just common forms that an intermediate guitar player would use all the time anyway. This starts right away with the A maj 7 open position chord shape in bar 1 being moved up one half step to form the F maj 13 chord sound in bar 2. Beat 3 of bar 7 is just the two highest open strings buying you time to grab the F sharp on the D string and make a little “power chord” shape (4rth fret D string and 6th fret G string) that buys enough time to form the top three strings into the F sharp minor triad. All of these subtle little movements if done in order and with the familiarity of the common shapes (a big psychological factor happens here) is what makes this little arrangement become more playable as you realize that it is mostly shapes of open position chords you are probably already using any how… sweet. So have a go and reproduce this one or create your own Moon River guitar tab version. Happy Playing friends.

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